​The last time both Steve and I were in Singapore – separately of course – was about 25 years ago. Steve was with his dad and I was on a family holiday following Danielle around for a hockey tour. This time it was together and we made the most of our nine days. Here are some snippets.

Snippets from Singapore

We ate like royalty and travelled like locals. The railway system in Singapore is superb and cheap too. Tourists can buy a special card, rather than buying a ticket every day. When it expired we simply added more value and kept on training to every corner of the city.
We visited dozens of impressive shopping centres and managed not to buy anything.
We headed to Santosa Island to visit the SEA Aquarium. We wandered around for hours. Steve was definitely in his happy place. At the entrance of the Aquarium is was a section about the history of China’s exploration of the world, specifically of Admiral Cheng Ho (San Bao – Sinbad the sailor).
Visitors are treated to a video of the Admiral’s background which is projected on the back of a HUGE boat with a Lion’s head that moves and blows smoke. At the end of the video is a great quote “The path to wisdom is a continual journey and if you don’t see the world, you won’t know where you are.” Sounds like what we are doing – way cool!
​As a Yahava coffee lover [snob] I dragged Steve to the Singapore Yahava store. We travelled by train and walked about half an hour in the humidity and heat to get there. Dedicated I know. We were a bit sweaty by the time we arrived but the coffee was worth it.

Bus-ing around Singapore

Then we hopped on a random bus to avoid walking again and travelled for what felt like ages. We had no idea where we were or where we were going. Lost on the bus. We didn’t mind though because the bus was air-conditioned.
Of course we had to see the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Complex. It’s opulent and mind-blowingly HUGE!! Plus on the same night, we saw the light show over the Gardens by the Bay that takes place every night.
I sat by the pool one day, while Steve visited the Singapore Museum?? Believe it or not I got sunburnt, how rude! Thank goodness for 100% aloe vera.
So, there’s some snippets of Singapore in less than 400 words.

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