Sneaker miles in Rome

We added more miles to our sneakers while in Rome.

Thanks to a tourist map and directions from a hotel clerk we happily hopped on the bus near our Hotel Des Epoques – a quirky, old-style hotel with marble and wooden floors and rooms with ornate gold fixtures and silk padded walls, very cute.

Vacuuming at Trevi Fountain

We got off the bus near Trevi Fountain. It was being vacuumed when we passed by – they were getting all of the coins out.

Heaps of people of course so we took a few pics and disappeared back into the crowd moving toward the next tourist destination.

I have a very clever husband – have I said that before? I’m sure I have.

Steve was a boy scout and rover in his younger years which provided numerous invaluable skills. Many of which he has endeavoured to pass on to our girls and me. For example, the many excursions orienteering, or oreo-enteering as we would call it because each time we reached a station we had an oreo or squareo biscuit as incentive to keep going, taught us very useful navigation skills.

My point-being that Steve’s map reading skills are fabulous thus navigating our way through the streets of each place we visit is a breeze.

Rome was the same. We wandered from statue to monument to plaza to church including Plazza di Pietra, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona and that was just in one day.

Buying sunscreen in a foreign country

Another day, we spent hours and hours wandering around the Castle Saint Angelo, the tallest structure in Rome a stone throw from Vatican City.

A funny story from before we got there. Our sunscreen was in my missing bag so we stopped at a Pharmacy near Vatican City to buy some more.

We looked quickly at the collection of sunscreens on the shelf and purchased a small tube, which was a bit pricey. We sat and I had a long black coffee (called an Americano in Europe) so we could put the sunscreen on and allow it to soak in. To our horror the 50+ sunscreen turned out to be tinted BB cream – whoops!

Luckily it matched my skin colour but Steve had to be my mirror as we sat outside the café to make sure I didn’t miss a patch on my face and neck. Steve refused to put any on saying it wouldn’t match his skin colour – whoops again!!

Anyway, there was so much to see on the multiple levels, knooks and crannies of the castle. Each new level revealed another amazing view of Rome.

We had a great time. Steve loved it of course and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Food in Rome

We made an effort to try different restaurants and found some amazing little places in Rome.

HANDY TIP: Don’t be scared to walk into any restaurant for a meal. You will be pleasantly surprised, as we were.

After wandering around Castle Saint Angelo we found a honky plonk little restaurant that served scrumptious pasta and wine.

Restaurants close to our hotel were also impressive – we had fun at Lime Restaurant and Bar with cocktails and delish food for dinner.

For lunch Steve gave the pasta at Ristorante Porta Pia a big thumbs up and the cuisine at the nearby Sakura Japanese – yes Japanese – restaurant was amazing, although rather pricey.

Of course we sampled some great pizza, Italian meats and even stuffed ourselves with a good ole burger at Hard Rock Café Rome.

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