Attention WONDER-women!!

Have you ever just wanted to just get away from the daily routine? Break out for a couple of days and try something completely different.

Well, I have the opportunity to do exactly that last month.

I had the privilege of being thrown together with a group of women I didn’t know as part of the inaugural Outback Initiatives 3-5 Day Intensive Leadership Development for Women.

The program

To reinforce when I say privilege because during the course of the program I discovered kindred spirits. Women who demonstrated the very best of human beings. We were tried (and tired), we were challenged and sometimes even defeated.

Through it all we learnt to be supportive of each other, to communicate clearly and appropriately in order to achieve our assigned tasks.

The tasks by the way were not easy! Some of them sucked but in fact that was exactly the point.

The results

However, the end result was a tightly knit group of special individuals who worked together as a team.

The skills I learnt and reinforced are things I use every day in my personal and business life about how to listen and communicate effectively to achieve my goals.

Thanks to this program I also saved a precious relationship with my step-daughter that I didn’t know I was ruining. For that I will always be thankful.

The amazing team at Outback Initiatives are experts in what they do. They each provide an enormous amount of compassion, patience, kindness and insight in order to facilitate what I can only describe as an amazing and transformative learning experience.

As such, it’s easy for me to say, I highly recommend Outback Initiatives programs and encourage anyone to check them out at