Letting it ALL hang out

The Easter Long Weekend has been and gone and hubby dearest and I ‘let it all hang out’ for the long weekend.

What I mean to say is, we ate and drank and ate and drank whatever we wanted over the long weekend.

All those things we have been missing, thinking about eating but not having, declining politely.

Food-angels we are NOT

That’s not to say we are food-angels by any means. If we are going to dinner, especially when we dine with friends, Olle and chef-extraordinaire, Gabrielle then any hope of restraint goes out of the window.

Neither are we food zealots who beat each other or ourselves up after ‘falling off the keto-food wagon.’

I mean, we only live once and most of what the KamarudinS do revolves around food – believe it or not!

To give you some background, since settling ourselves back in Perth we have been eating healthy, eating well and eating keto or low carb, high fat.

There are a number of reasons for this – which I will go into in another blog another day – and we have been successful in our individual aims to decrease body fat – yay us!!

Back to the message at hand…the Easter Long Weekend 2017 was a food-free-for-all and it was amazing.

We ate chilli mussels with garlic bread, breakfast toasties, spaghetti, waffles with ice cream, sausage rolls, donuts, cronuts, jaffles with baked beans, pepperoni and cheese, croissants, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, a Hungry Jacks burger, fries and thick shake and Easter eggs (of course). Plus, we drank cider and of course Drambuie – oh my, oh my our heads the next day really felt that one.

All this rich, tasty, sugar-filled, low nutrient, high carb food was delish at the time, it went down well and was enjoyed but both parties.

The price

BUT and I mean butt, there was a price to pay for indulging so and I am not referring to the hangover from too much Drambuie. I refer to the bloating bellies, the sugar-fuelled headache, the itchy skin, the lethargy and the farts!!

It’s not a lady-like thing to admit but the gas produced from all that food could have powered my car for a week. It’s insane and stinky and uncomfortable.

On Tuesday, after our weekend binge, my body craved bread, sugar anything high in carbs. I succumbed, thinking I was helping rid the house of the dreaded-bread, when I took it upon myself to eat the rest of the loaf. I made peanut butter and jam sandwiches! OMG, one of my faves! It was delish but meant the sugar-craving cycle and lethargy continued.

The moral of this story

So, that was our food-filled Easter long weekend!

The moral of my story is food is amazing, wonderful, life-sustaining and delicious however when the KamarudinS overindulge it is also uncomfortable – argh.

Today I broke the cycle… for me, I really didn’t like the way my body felt.

My brain thanked me with increased capacity and I was thus inspired to write this blog.

Till next time <inserted evil food-tempting laugh>