For those that know us and even those that don’t, we are foodies.

We know what we like and like to eat well. Sometimes, perhaps often we eat too much but that’s why we train hard and in Singapore we swim and we walk.

We ate local food 99 per cent of the time.

Take a Singapore foodies drool tour with us

Like roti telor (roti with egg cooked into it) with lamb curry for breakfast with tea and a fresh OJ at the People’s Place food hall for a massive $13 total.

Or chicken and beef satay with a massive plate of choy sum with oyster sauce from China Town stalls  – all this for $25.

I could go on and on and on about the wide selection of food we ate. Like the oyster egg that Steve had. Or the salad place that I could not walk past without buying a Caesar salad.

Our favourite meal of the day turned out to be dessert.

Now you may imagine lush cakes, pies or dessert like kweh dada and yes, we had a few of those.

But the piece de resistance was from a Chinese dessert house named Tong Shui desserts. Again in the People’s Place shopping centre across the road from our hotel. 

Steve’s fave was Ice Kachang and mine was the Hong Kong Mango Snow.

Some days our dessert may have been our most expensive meal but it was always our favourite.

China Town Singapore
Food in Singapore
Singapore food
Singapore food

Singapore Raffles Hotel

Another foodies experience was our afternoon visit to the old Raffles Hotel.

Steve remembers visiting te hotel as a child. Arriving with his family, his dad driving a silver late 1950s classic jaguar. 

First stop for us was the bakery for an afternoon tea set of scones with jam and a cuppa. It was rather posh and very tasty.

Then we wandered around the hotel grounds and hallways until we circled back to the infamous Long Bar.

The floor was scattered with peanut shells discarded by patrons. Walking on the floor sounds like a mixture of tap dancing and crunching autumn leaves.

We added our share to the floor after throwing them at one another.

The most popular drink in the bar is the Singapore Sling.

I know this because there was one barman dedicated to making the fancy drinks and every table had at least one of them on every table in the place.

The price…$31!!! But was definitely worth it.

Steve ordered a glass of Rose and a plate of prawn and mango spring rolls with chilli sauce. They were amazing.

We took our time enjoying our drinks and food, threw more nuts at one another and soaked up the atmosphere.

We left with full stomach’s, a little light-headed (well, I was) and way over the daily spending budget but happy, happy, happy.

Singapore Raffles Hotel
Fancy Singapore arvo tea
Raffles Hotel Singapore Sling