Kim and Steve hiking in Montenegro


KamarudinS = Kim and Stephen

We met while working at Resources Safety, Steve working as a Major Hazard Facility Inspector and Kim as the Executive Assistant to the Director. As a government department there were lots of moving parts and people and things to do.

Over time, we became friends. We both had young daughters who we only saw part time and we were both single and interested in having fun with and without our girls. Eventually we become more than friends, we moved in together, juggled having three girls, two girls, one girl and no girls in our monthly rotation. We changed jobs and started a company together.

In 2008 we travelled to the Czech Republic for Kim’s brother’s wedding in the stunning grounds of a castle in Chesky Kromlov. Such a precious time.

Steve proposed 9 times!!!

From there we took an overnight train to Venice and Steve proposed while overlooking the Grand Canal. He also proposed in Florence, Rome, Monte Carlo, Paris, London and Singapore as we slowly made our way home. Kim said yes each time but Steve kept asking so he could brag that he asked in so many locations.

We got married on the 9/9/2009 in a hot air balloon with our girls and our mums – for that story visit ‘Up, up and away on our Wedding Day’ – blog coming soon.

From a young age we told our girls that when they turned 18, we were leaving home. Not sure if they actually believed us but true to our word, we did. We downsized and downsized and then packed what was left in a storage unit and went travelling.

That’s when we created this website and specifically the blog page to share our journey. Find out where we are now here.

Our Wedding Day

Kim Kamarudin

Stephen Kamarudin

Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia, I lived there most of my life.

I’m proud to be the eldest of four – two sisters and a brother. When they were all in their early 20s travelling around the world I got married and had a baby girl, just to be different. Okay, then I got divorced and remarried and divorced again, oh dear! Third time lucky I met Steve and we got married in 2009.

Next thing to know about me, I finished high school and was one of those poeple that went straight to uni. I even graduated oh yes in deed, with a Bachelor of Arts double major in English and Media. Next, I jumped into the workforce as a journalist with a local newspaper group.

A love of writing

Basically, I love to write. As a journalist I enjoyed the people stories and the ones that made a difference. I’ve always kept a journal, still do – they are great to look back on.

An important step came in 2006 when Steve and I started a company that allows us to work for ourselves plus do what each of us enjoy doing. For me, that’s Clear Blue Writing – I write, edit and create content for small business owners.

These days my love of writing also translates in to writing blogs and I’ve even ventured into the creative landscape of vlogs to share our Sailing Mimpi adventures. It’s fun and I plan to keep doing it and writing blogs as we travel around.

Another fun fact

As a fair-haired and fair-skinned human, I must be honest, I have been cautious of spending an excess amount of time in the sun.

Instead, I was a ballet dancer, an indoor sport really and did that from the age of 5 until about 15.

Typically though, I’ve always been the one slip, slop, slapping on the sunscreen or wearing a big hat and rashie – thanks Mum.

I mean I rode by bike to school every day, learnt how to windsurf and had a go at surfing. Also, I got my scuba diving qualifications and even have my motorbike licence. Loved each but I can’t just grab a board or a tank and head out.

My participation in regular outdoor adventures started when I met Steve. Turns out my excuse for not doing those things was not having someone really interested in doing them too. So, Steve took me scuba diving and the adventures grew from there.

I was born in Melbourne, Australia and I’m also an eldest child but of three boys.

We lived in different parts of Malaysia before we settled in Perth, Western Australia when I was a teen.

To be honest, I’ve always been fascinated in how things work and why – much to my dad’s despair when I completely disassembled his brand-new lawn mower. It’s okay, I put it back together and it worked perfectly fine. I’ve pulled apart all sorts of things over the years from computers to engines.


Kim calls me a mega-nerd and I suppose I am after formal studies in Science, Engineering and Business coupled with a lifelong dedication to the childlike curiosity of “tell me why”.

My work has taken me all around Western Australia and Australia and oer time I have specialised in risk and process safety work which is vast and challenging. I’ve worked on projects in Australia, Malaysia, Africa, South America, UAE, and France.

When Kim and I set up our company it meant I could work as a consultant and have the flexibility to travel as well.

My treasures

My first marriage gave me two beautiful daughters who I treasure immensely and after meeting and marrying Kim I gained another daughter. Lucky me!

As well as loving to figure out how things worked, participating in outdoor activities is also a passion. I was a Scout, a Venturer, a Rover and in my late-teens and 20s I was a Sea Scout leader, teaching others the skills I learnt. This included camping, abseiling, orienteering and sailing.

I think I was 16 years old when I first went scuba diving and I fell in love with it, thus I have dived in hundreds of places around the world. Before having children, I even did some crazy cave diving – ask me about it sometime.

Feeling lucky

Considering all of the above it’s not surprising I love to travel and am lucky enough to have found someone who loves it as much as me. Yes, we enjoy different things and time for ourselves to enjoy those things – like Kim and her coffee which I cannot drink but that’s another story.

Together we are a team and I feel very lucky to have a ‘Special Friend’ who can put up with all my quirks and hyperactivity and travel and sail the world with me.