Hindsight is a wonderful thing. A tool to learn more about oneself if you dare to look.

What I know or knew about myself before this adventure was, I don’t like, actually, I don’t feel comfortable going to new places. Ironic really when I live on a 12metre sailboat on the other side of the world. New things are what we face each day.

Anyhoo, looking back to when we left Australia. I still remember the time leading up to our departure with clarity. The decision to start looking for a sailboat was quite simple really. A notion, a wish, a dream. Then came the steps to make that dream a reality. The downsizing which took years, the research which took hours and the looking which involved time, money and travel.

I can honestly say our dream didn’t become a reality for me, until we saw the one. The boat we would end up buying and moving across the world to live on. In my experience you can intend, plan, hope and even cause things to happen in your life. However, the moment you get attached is when things can go awry. In saying that, you can still be committed to something but not be attached to it and yes, it’s a very fine line.

I’m sure some thought we wouldn’t do it. Some were shocked when we said we had bought a sailboat. It was scary but it was also very exciting.

Our why

Why did we decide to leave Australia to live on a sailboat? I suppose there was an element of escaping the rat wheel. You know, the grind of everyday pushing and pulling, climbing and falling, money and material things. There was also the factor of wanting to explore while we were and are still able. We don’t know what the future holds and both of us would like to see more of the world. Yes, that flies in the face of what I said above about not feeling comfortable going to new places. In hindsight that was a story I told myself to feel and stay in control. To avoid feeling uncomfortable. Well, when we boarded that aeroplane in November 2019 leaving family and friends behind, I started confronting and overcoming that story. Of course, there are times it jumps up and smacks me in the face. There are also times Steve and I take turns. He thinks I don’t know he makes me go first when we enter a new place, making out he is being a gentleman. Ha! Sometimes I push him in the door first. That’s love.

The world today

It’s now March 2022 and the world is a different place. Who knew a global pandemic would hit and have us rethink our plans? I’m sure it was a question many people faced. What do I do? Do we go home? If we do, will we be able to get back? If we do go home, what would we do there? Get stuck in the rat race again. Yes, we had those questions and talked about it a lot especially when family messages or calls and said, ‘Come home!’

Despite the concern of others, we have stayed our course. We made the most of our time in Albania and Montenegro. Plus, we had an amazing first cruising season in Croatia last year. In hindsight, if we had chosen to go back to Australia we would have missed out on so much.

More recently the invasion of Ukraine has ignited concerns from family about our safety. Add to that, Australian international boarders only just reopening. Yes, there is a pull to return home. But we really don’t need to. We are together, we are safe and we are moving forward together.

In hindsight

If we could go back to 2019 knowing all that we know now about what would happen and is now happening in the world, would we make another choice? No. We would still be tucked away inside MIMPI on a blowy March day at a marina hundreds of miles from home. Why? Because we are different people here and now. We are different to those people in 2019. The experiences we have had, the challenges we have faced and overcome. Plus, the people we have met, the friends we have made and the places and things we have experienced. It has changed us, we have changed. We are stronger, more resilient and we are together.


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