​It’s an usual feeling to move out of a home and have nowhere to go. That’s exactly what we did on 1 April 2016. With bits and pieces we need for the next month jammed in to two cars we farewelled the safety and comfort of a home – a bit dramatic perhaps but like I said it’s an unusual feeling. So where is all of our stuff? Well, 12 months ago we started downsizing. We sold extra couches – we had three sets – we sold items of furniture we no longer need. We scanned documents and recycled the paper version or donated the books and knick-knacks and clothing to charity. It was a challenging process at times. We become attached to ‘things’ because they hold memories of who gave them to us, where it has been, when it fitted! What survived the downsizing process has all been thoughtfully and carefully packed into a 7.5 x3 x3 metre box. Yep a storage unit and we made it ALL fit – just. We made a list of our stuff, took measurements of our things, made plans about the order to pack things and even drew diagrams to make sure everything would fit. The planning process made a big difference to being able to move things in a particular order and fit things in their designated place. Without it our box would have been a complete mess and we would have wanted to throttle each other. We even went through the process of detailing and labelling each of the 62 cardboard boxes packed in the storage unit. Yes, we know exactly what is in each box! So, while we explore the world all of our worldly belongings are sitting in a dark box safe and sound waiting for us to return and create more memories with them.