Oh dear, where is our luggage?

​Yes, we farewelled gay Par-ee. We boarded our flight Tuesday morning & arrived safely in fabulous Rome.

We waited at the baggage carousel for our bags and we waited and we waited and we waited.

We all think ‘It will never happen to us’. But guess what?!?! It has happened to us. Our luggage got lost in transit.

Where is transit by the way? Is it like Platform 9 & 3/4 or hyperspace?!?

Where are our bags?

Possible reactions to lost luggage

There are a couple of different levels of reaction at this juncture;

Firstly, there is…It’s fine. They will show up. Don’t stress. 

Secondly, then there is the painstakingly boring and frustrating process of waiting in line at the Customer Service counter to receive a lack of service and zero compassion for the fact that all our meticulously selected worldly traveling possessions for the next six months may have gone missing! Plus I have already hand-washed these undies once in the past 24 hours. (did I just say that out loud?)

We have learnt from experience to travel with our jumpers and jackets.

Plus Steve always packs the multi adapters, power-board & phone chargers in his hand luggage, thankfully. He is so clever. 

We are pretty positive people and generally things don’t stress us too much, until they do.

Of course, we each have our own triggers and breaking points – which we already knew and have discovered more of since starting our adventure.

A combo of not feeling 100% and being hungry & thirsty from no food on the flight we were close to ‘that’ point. That’s the next level of reaction. 

It’s times like this when it takes something to stop the imagination going to the worst case scenario. You know, when it’s all f’ed & sc’ed. 

What happened next…

Stop! Before we go too far down that tunnel let’s continue with our tale. 

We received an apology letter from the airline. This included details about how to check the progress of tracking our luggage. Then we were sent on our way. 

We were actually relieved not to have our bags as we made our way to our hotel. The roads are mega uneven in Rome.

Plus there are mostly stairs in the Metro and they are very crowded.

Let’s just say we got our walking quota in for the day and thankfully the weather was gorgeous. 

24 hours later

It’s been more than 24-hours now and still no luggage. 

We slept in the nude, I hand-washed my undies again and our socks, shirts and jeans got to air overnight. 

Steve always threatened he would just turn his undies inside out if he had to – ha! He had to. 

Both of us woke at different times in the night fretting about things in our bags we are attached to. Like my fave workout leggings that say ‘Catch me if you can’ down the leg. Then there are the scissors our hairdresser gifted me so I could cut Steve’s hair. Oh, and the earrings Angela gave me and my juju!!!!

For Steve it’s his trimmer/shaver, the $500 worth of contact lenses, hard drives to back our computers and his socks, jocks, tracky dacks and his comfy sneakers cos he travels in his doc martens!!!! 

You get the idea and as I write this my blood pressure is rising. 

Oh and then there’s my computer charger. I have written this blog on my phone so I can quickly email it to myself and post it before my laptop battery goes flat. 

Curious about what whether our luggage turned up? Check out ‘Lost and found‘​