Craving a workout in Almeria

I found myself going a bit stir crazy while in Almeria. Believe it or not I even woke up in the early morning craving a workout, yes, a workout.

We have been doing a lot of walking and sweating in the warm weather but it was not enough.

I suppose after more than three years of training three times a week it’s to be expected. So, by the light of my telephone I created a training program and then went back to sleep.

When I woke up I dressed in my workout gear, which of course I brought with me. Without waking Steve I went out in to the hotel hallway and did my warm up.

I designed my workout to use what was around me and it worked really well in the stairwell.  It was quiet, plenty of space and hardly anybody going up and down.

Mind you it did warm up pretty quick so I only managed three rounds of exercises before I was pooped. I stretched in the hallway on the way back to our room and wallah I felt much better.

Why didn’t I think of doing this sooner?!?!

I designed a handful of programs that day and ventured outside with my “bodyguard” to workout one morning when we were still in Almeria.

It was earlier than my previous workout day so it wasn’t so hot, yet!

Around 8am more locals started to appear, walking briskly or slowly up and down the beach front. I needed Steve with me for comfort because there was nobody else doing a workout on the beach and I was getting a few looks from the men walking past.

I am very grateful for the knowledge I have gathered from our trainer Steve Mclean over the past four years.

I’m glad I did my training to be a qualified personal trainer too. Being able to design a workout program on the spot and using only what I have around me is a buzz.

Plus, learning about how our body moves has made a big difference to me…and Steve, even though he won’t readily admit it.