LOST…. our luggage!

Well, more than 24 hours since our luggage went missing our clothes started smelling a tad on the high-side.

To find out what happened check out ‘WANTED – our luggage‘.

We visited a handful of Roman sites by hopping on a passing bus. Then we decided to find a department store of sorts to buy the basics and come out of the smelly-clothes cloud.

Surprisingly, our shopping spree had me feeling rather happy. Who would have thought retail therapy could be so…. therapeutic.

​After a good night sleep and a hearty breakfast, we checked with reception once again.

The cheeky desk clerk said he would check as he walked into the luggage room.

We stood there on the other side of the curtain and he said ‘What colour is it? Blue or red?’ He was playing with us.

The anticipation was insane. 

​Then he wheeled out – drum roll – Steve’s bag.

There was relief mixed with envy. We had talked about what was in each bag and whose bag it would be ‘best’ to arrive first, if at all. Selflessly and sweetly Steve said my bag.

When his bag was wheeled out I was relieved for Steve and wondered where on earth my bag had ended up.

With the temperature outside rising into the high twenties we opened Steve’s bag with vigour and each grabbed a pair of shorts.

I fitted comfortably into his spunky khaki shorts with DIR side-pockets – phew – and Steve was so happy to have his sneakers and a clean pair socks.

So, slightly placated and smelling sweet in our clean and new clothes we ventured out and about for the day.

​The sights of Rome

Our adventures will appear in another blog. What I will share is that on this day we happened across a little Italian restaurant not far from Vatican City, on the Rome side of the River Tiber.

It was an unassuming place yet the spaghetti carbonara, seafood spaghetti and chianti, prosecco were delish. We ooo’d and ahh’d until our plates were clean. With a full belly we walked and wandered with the crowd until we had had our fill of Rome for the day.

We bused it back to the hotel and with fingers and toes crossed faced the reception clerk once more. A quick check confirmed no bag had arrived so we retired to our room.

But wait!

Within minutes of arriving in our room the telephone rang and guess what?

My bag had just been delivered.

Woohoo! Yeehah! 

I did a happy dance all the way down to reception and then gave my bag a BIG hug.

And Steve and Kim lived happily ever after.

The End.