Night diving

Did you know night diving poses a unique set of challenges?

Communication while underwater is often a challenging task anyway.

There are the basics of course like…OK; pointing in the direction we plan to head; the signals for squid, shark, and stingray.

However scuba diving in the Swan River at night poses a whole new set of challenges called…it’s dark!!!!!!

Steve and I are mad-keen divers and night diving when the conditions are right is an added bonus when prawns are on offer.

Our night diving routine

Our evening routine involves packing gear into the back of ‘Jack’ our appropriately named four-wheel drive and stopping off at HJ’s for a pre-dive feed before heading to our favourite night dive posi just as the sun is setting.

KimKam ready for night diving

My preference is to start gearing up before the sun sets. Firstly, being able to see obviously makes a big difference. Secondly, those annoying mozzies ALWAYS manage to find me.

Being completely covered neck to toes by my wetsuit and booties is reassuring. It decreases the likelihood of itching strategically and often inappropriately located mozzie bites for the next week.

It’s one of the things that always takes away from my enjoyment of night diving. Thus arriving at our destination before sunset is a priority for me.

Steve has this night diving thang down pat. He has all the bits and gadgets that make diving easier and make gearing up and getting into the water as smooth a process as possible.

The gear, the gear and the gear

His green tool box containing, all-things-that-might-be-needed-if-something-goes-wrong-prior-to-getting-into-the-water, sits reliably on the floor in the back of Jack, our Holden Jackaroo 4WD.

Then there are lights that stick magnetically to Jack to help us see. Plus the stretchy straps that hold our tanks in place when BC, regulator and dive light are attached. It’s amazing the difference these little details make.

Getting down to and then in to the water is always a relief. Carrying all the gear, 35kilos worth, always works up a sweat.

An interesting fact

Did you know an hour scuba diving burns about 780 calories. Well, it justifies having HJ’s for dinner before the dive ;o)

Scuba Steve ready to dive

It is a relief to feel the water cool my skin. Mind you I’m not too keen on the cool crutch thang especially as the water gets cooler closer to winter.

WHY you may ask are Steve and I donning wetsuits and scuba diving gear to dive in the Swan River at night?

Well, for one thing its heaps of fun and another highlight is catching King prawns by the litre. YAY!!!

Do you scuba dive? What do you love about it?

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