Steve this is serious

The day has finally come and drastic measures have had to be taken. To what am I referring you ask?

Well, husband dearest, love of my life is currently harbouring what sounds like a small snorting animal in the bed at night and IT IS KEEPING ME AWAKE!!

I know, I know, poor sleep-deprived, princess-of-my-own-castle, me.

Forget about the breath-holding fellow who lies in bed with me each night, think naught of the lack of oxygen being delivered to said ‘big-brain.’

No need to be concerned about the erratic movements that occur throughout the night, which is his body’s way of waking said snorting animal…IT’S ALL ABOUT ME!!

Let me take a step back for a moment, calm myself and provide an update of the goings-on since we last blogged i.e. ‘The not-sleeping saga continues‘.

What has happened so far

Steve and I visited the Otolaryngologist Dr H for advice about medical options to proceed.

The stylish Nedlands waiting room was friendly enough and Steve described the doctors room as something out of a veterinary hospital with concrete floor and said doctor dressed in smart but casual green scrubs. Hmmmm

Dr H was friendly, answering our questions in a friendly and informative manner. I even got a front row seat during production of a fascinating video of the interior of my Special Friend’s nasal passage and upper throat. What a delight to see just before dinner, lol.

The outcome of Steve’s otolaryngologist-appointment was surgery, surgery, surgery.

The word surgery, created a twitch on Steve’s face, a crinkle in his brow and the following weeks involved numerous conversations about ‘hating hospitals’, his ‘dread of needles’ and his fear of ‘dying during surgery’.

We talked and reasoned, I tried distraction, the old look on the bright-side angle, the think-of-me tactic and even cajoling. Pause here for effect.

So….the love of my life has gone through the eye of the needle called his concerns.

Plus, we have planned a scuba diving holiday. So, he has something to look forward to (and distract him ;-))

Surgery has been booked

His surgery has now been booked in our calendar, the surgeon and anaesthetist have been scheduled, the paperwork completed and submitted – there-is-no-turning-back!!

I am reluctant to share the date of Steve’s surgery….just in case, lol!. No, no, no, I have every confidence he will be fine.

Now that I have shared Steve’s update and re-ignited my compassion and undying love – in other words, I have calmed down – I can now share about the drastic measures I have been forced to make.

Usually I am lucky enough to fall asleep quite quickly and before the honking, snore-monster arrives. Our new king-size bed also helps to create just a little more of gap for the sound to travel across.

Back to the snore-monster in our bed

Last night however I was woken by the small snorting animal and simply could not get back to sleep.

Steve, who always thinks of me because he is a sweet-heart like that, insists I wake him so he stops snoring and I can get back to sleep. However, when I do this I feel mega guilty, obviously because he is the one struggling with his sleep.

I often lie there and debate with myself about giving him a gentle shove. I just couldn’t face waking him last night – and here comes the drastic action part – so I snuck out of our bed and sought out my noise-cancelling headphones! Yes, I did indeed.

There are some on the market that have earbuds that fit neatly in the ear. That is not what I have. Mine fit comfortably over the ears and are lifesavers on an aeroplane, despite being a tad bulky and uncomfortable to sleep on.

However, lying on a soft pillow with my headphones on was actually rather comfy, my only limitation was having to lie only on my back. More importantly, they worked.

The snort monster sounds were muffled sufficiently enough for princess-me to return to the land of slumber. Enough said…for now!